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A seasoned electronic musician, sound designer and field recordist, the work of Daniel Ottini spans a number of genres and styles, but predominantly focuses on the exploration of the intersection between sound art and music.

Beginning with his seminal work in the ambient/new age/IDM genres - Winter Mute (re-released in 2011), Ephemeral Ether, Vol. 1 (2012), and Hinterland (2013) - and a brief foray into soundtrack related work (Four Films in 2015) - Soundscapes for Meditation and Relaxation, released in 2016, began an ambient exploration into the relevance of field recordings of both the natural and manufactured worlds as unobtrusive sonic wallpaper.

His work took a darker turn towards the industrial/dark ambient genres with the release of The Age of The Unthinkable (2017), a themed reflection on the post 9-11 "War-on-terror" and its geo-political fallout. Similarly, The End of Science (2019), with its rumination on the consequences of a “post -truth” world, mined a darker ambient vein, with a return to the IDM and rhythmic elements of his earlier work.

A second collection of soundtrack related work was released in 2020 (Vignettes: Eleven Short Films).

2021 saw the first in a series of numbered releases under the Ephemeral Aether Project label (an umbrella for his more eclectic output) and the release of an Electronic “lockdown” double album (Awake/Asleep) featuring IDM/Ambient sides to reflect the bipolar nature of the times, as well as a series of live performances (Live from SoftStudio) released as singles simultaneously with the accompanying video performances (via YouTube).

In addition to his album-based releases, he is active as a commercial music composer where his work has been featured in film/video, video games, and as demonstration audio for music hardware and software companies.

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